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Zapraszam Fajny swerwer 97.D Fajna atmosferka
Server Information
Server Name:    Future-Mu
Server Version:    97d+99i       
Server Experience:    4444x       
Server Drop:    50%       
Monster HP:    100%       
Points per level:    BK/ SM/ ELF-5 // MG-7       
Max Points:    32.767       
Max level:    400       
Level for reset:    350       
Reset:    From the website/Server       
GrandResets Need:    150 Resets       
Rebirths Need:    10 GrandResets       
Guild Creation:    150 lvl       
Vip:    150 krd/ 7 days       

VIP Exp bonus/+20%    lorencia, noria, stadium       
Reset Day Top:    500 Credits       
GrandResets:    1000 Credits       
Rebirths:    5000 Credits       
VIP Grand Reset Bonus:    100 Credits       
Vote / Reward:    30 Credits       
Online Hours:    5 Credits       
BC Reward:    Jewel of Bless / Box of Kundun (+1,+2,+3,+4,+5)/ Exe items       

New Players Privileges
Starting Zen:    =5000000       
Guild Max Members:    =30       

Reset:    Server       
VIP Reset:    Server       
Reset Day Top:    Website       
Reward:    Website       
Vote / Reward:    Website       
BC Reward:    Server       

Move System
/stadium2 (40 Resets) Vip(30 Resets)
/stadium3 (60 Resets) Vip(50 Resets)
/stadium4 (80 Resets) Vip(70 Resets)

Marry Command
Marriage:    In the game you can marry with another man or women. Of course to get marry can only women(ELF) and man(BK,MG,SM). How to do this read below.       
First you must go to Davias church:    Husband - 209 16       
Second you must stand in these coordinates:    Wife - 210 16       
/marry Name:    Married question.       
/accept:    Married accept.       
/divorce Name:    To get divorces.       
/tracemarry:    Trace the married person.       
/marrystatus:    Married status.       

Jewels and Chaos Machine ratio
Jewel of Soul ratio:    60%       
Jewel of Soul ratio with luck:    70%       
Jewel of Life ratio:    50%       
Jewel of Life ratio with luck:    70%       
Jewel of Bless ratio:    60%       
Jewel of Bless ratio with luck:    70%       
+10 Item Succes ratio:    70%       
+11 Item Succes ratio:    65%       

Server Commands
/charinfo -    View character information in game.       
/buyvip -    Buy VIP in game, cost 150 credits for 7 days!       
/skin -    With VIP status Change player skin in game.       
/post -    global message, which in chat window see all connected players.       
/online -    Show server online, Players / GameMasters.       
/pkclear -    This command clears your PK status!       
/exit -    Quickly exit game.       
/evo -    Evolution.       
/time -    Server time.       
/sell -    Public [SELL] message.       
/buy -    Public [BUY] message.       
/addstr (count) -    Ads your number of points (Strength)       
/addvit (count) -    Ads your number of points (Vitality).       
/addagi (count) -    Ads your number of points (Agility).       
/addene (count) -    Ads your number of points (Energy).       
/clearinventory -    Clear inventory (Min. 100 lvl, 10 Resets, 500 Credits).       
/VaultCommand -    Vault command (Min. 100 lvl, 15 Resets, 200 Credits).


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