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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfPFeX … 59FmrKUdg/





World MU Online World Season 12 Episode 2

Why to choose World MU Online?

True play to win server!

Stable long term mu online server.

No Full Option Items.

Unique Custom Features

We are not here to tell you that our mu online server is best or It has no bugs, but we will give you an chance to see that by yourself.  And we will do our best to satisfy world mu online players. This is mu online server you are looking for!  We are here as proof that mu online is not dead . And there still exists good mu online servers! Our mu online server is Unique with unseen features events and much more.

Server Rates

Version: Season 12 Episode 2

Max Level: 400

Max ML: 420

Points Per Level: 5/5/7

Max Resets: 50

Max Grand Reset: 20

Experience: 100x

Drop Rate: 30%

Reset Level: 400

After Reset Stats Clear

SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 500 free points x reset

MG, DL, RF,GL : 600 free points x reset

Reset Reward: 50 credits

Grand Reset From: 50resets

Reset Reward: 50 credits

After Grand Reset Stats Clear

All class get 5000 free points x grand reset

Grand Reset Reward: 5000 credits

Monsters Per Spot: 5-7 on all maps

Command /pkclear Price: 3kk x Kill Count

Experience: Dynamic x100 Less EXP with More Resets!

1 to 10 reset experience is x100

11 to 20 reset experience is x90

21 to 30 reset experience is x80

31 to 40 reset experience is x70

41 to 50 reset experience is x60

Party Experience Bonus:

2 members in a party: -10% experience

3 members in a party: -5% experience

4 members in a party: +10% experience

5 members in a party: +20% experience

3 different character classes in a party: + 10% experience

4 different character classes in a party: + 20% experience

5 different character classes in a party: + 50% experience

Key Season 12 Part 1-2 Features

New Map Ferea and monsters

Ferea Battle event (Lord of Ferea)

Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination

Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination

Upgraded Archangel weapons and new skills support

Upgraded Archangel Weapons mix

New extended character statistic C window

New remade Errtel Upgrade mix

New Socket Items

Extension of Seed Sphere levels (max 10, in future 20)

Extension of Socket Bonus Options

New Socket Item Upgrade Mix

New Seed Extract Mix

New Seed Sphere Composite Mix

New Set Seed Sphere Mix

New Unsocket Seed Sphere Mix

New Seed Sphere Upgrade Mix

Removed Seed Researcher NPC

New Pentagrams and options

Hunting Log

New Nixie Lake Map and monsters

Holy Angel Items Options & Combination

Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination

Sealed Blood Angel Item combination using Blood Angel Spirit (Hero) (Makes Items +11)

Quiver (enhanced arrows)

New Socket combination for Socket items with 4 slots or more - Reduce socket slot.

Dark Spirit improvement

Master Conversion Order forms

Max Master Level 420

Other important Features:

Grow Lancer Character

New Skill Imprint System

Nars Map Location and range of new monsters

Event Square map Location

Chaos Machine Mass Combination System

Selection of new Muun types

Mastery Equipment (Blood Angel Sets)

New excellent option and ability to add pp to 9 excellent options per item

New event - Tormented Square Battle

Core Magriffy Boss Monster

New Currency (Ruud) and Ruud Shop System

In-Game Play Guide System

Evolution Monster System

New events notification System

New Errtel of Radiance

Disassembly System (extra button in inventory)

Range of other awesome features!

Server and Game Features

Muun System get a lot of different pets

Auto Reconnect System no more disconnect

Auto Party System leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK

Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash

Off-Levelling gain exp being offline

Pandora Jewel & Mining System

InGame Quests and Events

Arca War Battle

Acheron Guardian Event

Chaos Castle Survival Event

Illusion Temple Renewal

Imperial Fort Event

Double Goer (Doppelganger)

Castle Siege

Loren Deep


Devil Square (1-7)

Blood Castle (1-8)

Chaos Castle (1-7)

Swamp of Peace (Medusa)

Rabbits Invasion

Pouch of Blessing Invasion

Golden Monster Invasion

White Wizard Invasion

Battle Soccer

Kalima (1-7) Event

Kanturu Event

LaCleon Event

Last Man Stating Event (Custom)

Bonus events Event (Custom)

Santa Village Event

Halloween Event

New Year Day Event

Contact us

Email : admin@muonlineworld.com

Skype: mu-online.support




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